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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend Events

Since the Memorial weekend weather was so yucky, Levi and I decided to start some summer projects a little early. We wanted to paint the living room, but were having difficulty deciding on a color. So as our old house as our inspiration (see below), we decided on this color.

Old house living room.

The following are before pictures of the new house.
Living room before.

After Levi bought us a fireplace for Christmas, the living room furniture does not seem to flow/fit with the room. We could not settle on a room arrangement. So while at my sister's house one day I asked her if she wanted to change living room furniture. I also bought 2 ottomans at a yard sale and a chest (coffee table) and a table for a good deal downtown.

The following are pictures after we rearranged the furniture, bought a rug, installed a fan and painted. I am not quite sure how I feel about the color. It is a little bright. I love how it lightens the room and makes it feel more cozy though.

Next, I decided to take on Zoe's bedroom. I have been wanting to paint it since we moved in. The furniture was mine from when I was little. The rocking chair has been passed down on my father's side from my great, great, great grandmother (I think that many greats). The blanket on the rocking chair was made by my mom's mom. The crib I borrowed from my sister and the crib blanket I made and Levi's Grandma and her sisters hand quilted for me. The toy chest you can read about in my post below. I love how so much of her room has meaning.

Here are the before pictures.

Here are the after pictures.

You will have to tell me what you think. Be honest. I promise it will not hurt my feelings.

I have some really cute videos of Zoe from this past weekend, but for some reason blogger will not let me load them. I guess I will try later.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I have done this Week...

I finally finished a few projects this week. Here they are:

Toy chest I bought for $5.

I already had the fabric left over from a quilt I made for Zoe. Added paint for less the $10.
I think it matches Zoe's room very well. I plan on painting her room
 this summer so I can show pictures of her room then.

Kids desk I bought for $8.

Kids chair my Great Grandma gave me when I was little.
 It was from their primary room that flooded.

I Modge Podge fabric on the top and drawers. Fabric cost $2.66.
 I also added new drawer pulls for $2.99.

Pink spray paint. $3.33. Fabric $2.66 and foam pad $1.99.

Now Zoe's has her very own craft table in my craft room.
We can work on lots of projects together this summer.

I planted flowers in my flower baskets and pots.

I added a variety of flowers and ground cover to my front side yard.
 Hopefully it doesn't take too long for the flowers to bloom.

Added flowers in my barrel, wheel barrel and other pots in my back side yard.

I added 2000 ladybugs to my gooseberry bushes to eat all the aphids.
 I still need to add mulch and bring out my cushions and pillows.
My sisters and I went to lunch with my mom at the Olive Garden. While there Zoe and her cousin were talking an hanging out. I had to catch a cute video. Zoe likes to dip her bread in sauce just like me. What cute little kids.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Newest Project - Window

I bought this window a couple years ago from Aunt Elsie's Consignment for $35. I had been wanting one for years and had big plans as well. Of course, I put it off forever and finally put my plan together. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Before - Back

Before - Front
I cleaned it up. Scraped off extra paint.
Then I sealed it with Modge Podge and added pictures with mattes.
What do you think?
I plan on hanging it in my bedroom above our storage bench. I hope it looks good. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoe's Kitchen Price Breakdown

I have had several people ask me how much it cost to make Zoe's kitchen. I pulled out my receipts and will break it down for you.


 Here we go:
Nightstand - $15
Shelf - $2
Wood for backing (scrap wood from home) - $0
Primer - $4
Paint - $4
Sink (cake pan) - $4.89
Faucet - $1
Faucet knobs (drawer pulls) - $7.94 for 2
Burners (cardboard circle) - $5.16 for 4
Decor hooks on side - $6.99 for 2
Drawer knobs - $4.48 for 3
Decor, dishes and food (already owned) - $0
 TOTAL - $55.46

Zoe playing with it - PRICELESS
I just had to throw that in there. Check out pictures of her playing in her "house."

Zoe cooking cakes and cookies.

Buying groceries

Bagging her own groceries.

We are still working on properly using a shopping cart.

Wheeler Farm

Jane and I took Zoe to Wheeler Farm last Friday after work.
Entrance fee - $0
Tracker/Wagon ride - $2
Bag of duck food - $.50
Grand Total - $2.50

Zoe loved petting the different animals, but I think she liked the
goats the most because they were very interactive.

Jane and Zoe

Baby Animals

Checking out and feeding the ducks and geese.

Baby geese walking around. So cute. The daddy goose kept hissing at us.

Watching ducks ride the waves.

 Then we went to my brothers house to see his newest addition to the family. His second baby horse for the season.

Zoe hanging with cousin Heather.

The newest baby.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tracy Aviary

My work gave all their staff discount tickets to the Tracy Avery.
Entrance fee - $1
Hand feed the birds - $3
Wagon rental (I forgot the stroller)  - $3
Grand Total - $7

Golden Eagles

Zoe loved riding in the wagon. In fact, I think I need to find her one.
Heather and Zoe

"Ginormous" Vulture

Check out the eyelashes on this guy.

Zoe checking out the birds.

Zoe was very interested in the birds.

Mikelle and Zoe

Zoe riding in the wagon. She loved it.



Waiting to feed the birds.

Heather feeding birds.

Mikelle feeding the birds.

Zoe helping me feed the birds. Zoe did not get scared when the birds flew at us.
She held her apple out and let the birds land on her. Then she dropped her apple.
She even shared a little bit of the birds apple.


Zoe giving the bird a dollar at the end of the bird show.

One our way home we stopped at the mall. While there Heather decided to do Zoe's nails.