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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is how we the park

A few night a week after dinner we go get snow cones and enjoy them at the park. Zoe truly enjoys this. Levi and I find it very relaxing. I almost feel like I am on vacation whenever we do this. It is kind of magical.

Zoe loves playing on the swings. She has a hard time understanding that she must wait for her turn. She points and whines while other children are on the swing. Then when it is finally her turn she will not give up the swing for a least an hour. She is addicted. She sits back and enjoys then ride.
This is how Zoe hangs out by the lake. I think we might have a little model on our hands.
After Zoe is finished with the swings we go play on the beach for a few minutes. We usually sit on the dock or play in the sand. We always put our feet in the water and watch part of the evening sunset.
Zoe has a new fascination with eating sand. I would tell her it was yucky and then she would hurry and put her fingers in the sand and eat more. I guess a little sand never hurt anyone. Right?

Zoe loves spending time with her daddy. She has him wrapped around her little finger.

Here are a few videos of Zoe and the newest skills she is working on.

Zoe is a talker. She loves talking and singing. You might notice she talks with her hands. I think she gets it from me.

Zoe is standing. As long as she doesn't realize it. She was standing and water plants/sidewalk/fence for several minutes.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gymnastics and Pony Parties

Zoe attended her first gymnastic class today. She willingly participated in all the activities. She only started a few small/mini tantrums when I pushed her to far.

Waiting for class to start. Zoe chose to sit on the red triangle.

 Zoe stretching and warming up.

Zoe slid the down the slide into the pit filled with big foam squares. While in the pit she tried climbing around. She walked on a balance beam and hung from the high (short) beam. I will add pictures of the pit and obstacle courses later.

Here is a video of Zoe stretching.

Sorry the video is sideways, but at least you can still see what she is doing.

I have more pictures to come, but my camera died so they are all on Heather's camera. I will add them later. I think she really enjoyed the class. She followed her coach through the different obstacles and movements. Now we need to practice for next week.

After she was all done practicing they blew bubbles, got stamps on both feet and hands and a coloring page. She kept trying to crawl back to the different obstacles as we were trying to leave.

After gymnastics we had lunch and then headed to Utah Pony Party. We met with 10 of Zoe's friends and had turn taking rides on ponies, petting, feeding and holding miniature farm animals. We had so much fun. I have added several pictures so enjoy.

Zoe petting the new baby pony.
Emitt and Ollie riding ponies.
Mama and brand new baby born this morning.
Mama and baby pony.
Mama and baby llama.
This is Trudy the Guanaco. She was hilarious. She would sneak up next to you and
 you would turn around and about die when you saw her less than an inch from your face.

Riding ponies. Zoe was a little afraid to go by herself. I felt ginormous
 on the horse. I surprised my legs did not drag the whole way.

Zoe the cowgirl.
Zoe with her friend Aniston.
Baby doll Sheep. So cute.
These goats make me laugh.
Holding baby goats.
Hendrix and Jessica
Andrew and Natalie

Keira holding a goat.
Zoe with her buddy Heather
I want this baby lamb so bad. Can I keep her?
Heather, Zoe and Faith
Aniston and Danielle
I want to thank all of our friends who spend the afternoon with us. We had a blast and cannot wait to get together again.