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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Winter So Far...

We have been busy at our house. I introduced Zoe to different types of art materials and she is loving it. She wants to make art projects everyday.

Collage art

Zoe loves spending time with her daddy. They snuggle and watch movies together.
Zoe and Daddy sleeping/watching a movie.
 Zoe loves taking care of her baby. In fact she has named her baby, Baby. She likes to give her baths, change her clothes and diapers, feed her, and do her hair.

Zoe's been very fascinated by the snow this year. I have never let her explore more than just touching it while we walk by, so we decided to go outside and investigate the snow.

We made snowballs and threw them. She also tasted the snow several times.

Zoe had so much fun. She refused to go inside even though she was wet and cold.

Finally, for those who have not heard, we bought a new house and will be moving in the beginning of April. We are so excited. The house is very spacious and has a cute backyard that Zoe will be able to play in. We will be right next to the lake, school, pool and parks. We have an amazing view from our front porch. Feel free to come visit us anytime.