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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Las Vegas

Our 3rd Anniversary

We spent our anniversary in Vegas. We wanted warm weather and we only had 4 days of vacation. The weather was wonderful. It was always around the low 80's. It was definetaly tee-shirt and shorts weather.
While in Vegas we stayed in The Venitian. The first night we went to The Blue Man Group. That was pretty fun, but not what we were expecting. We sat in the poncho section, but never got wet.
On the second day, we went over to The Mirage to see the Secrect Garden and Dolphin Habitat. I forgot to take the camera, so here are the only pictures I have. They were taken with my cell phone, so I hope you can get a good feel for what we saw.
The Secret Garden
Levi was kind enough to pose for a picture by this moss tiger even though taking pictures is not a favorite of his.

This is the Wishing Tree. Story is told that if you make a wish while touching this tree, your wish will come true. I hope mine does.

The Dolphin Habitat

Hopefully one day I will be able to swim with dolphins. In case you did not know that is one of my life goals. Along with holding a real monkey and riding an elephant.

This is my favorite picture. Can you believe I took this picture with my cell phone?

Dolphins are amazing. I found it very entertaining watching the trainers working with the dolphins.

This last picture is of a 9 month old baby dolphin. It was so much fun to see it follow it's mother all around the pool.

Run Down of the Family

Levi - The Serious

Levi is serious and down to earth most of the time. He can also be quite hilarious and entertaining. Sci-fi shows make sense to Levi.

Sandra - The Playful

Sandra is always ready to play and enjoy the day. She is always on the hunt for a new adventure. She loves playing with animals and being creative.

Rigby - The Comedian

Rigby loves to clown around. Rigby's favorite games are hide-n-seek, chase and wrestling with Sadie.

Sadie - The Scared

Sadie is a nervous cat. She loves hanging with Rigby and taking naps. She will "sit pretty" for food. Her favorite treat is popcorn.

Lily - The Brave

Lily loves to torment the cats. Yes, it's true. She chases the cats. When she runs in the cats directions, they bolt.