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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Happenings

We took Zoe to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins for our front porch.
Zoe enjoyed riding in the wheelbarrow and looking at all the pumpkins.
Zoe sat on the trackers.

Here is a sneak peak at Zoe's Halloween costume. She is a garden gnome.

Several of our friends and neighbors put together a carnival for the kids. 
Zoe getting a flower painted on her face.
Zoe trying to eat a donut off a string. Look at her tongue.

She kept trying for a very long time.

Almost there.

Kristi and Journee

Valerie and her cute family came. I just love their costumes.

Becca trying to eat a donut.


Zoe hanging with her friend Journee.

Hendrix and Zoe decorated and ate cookies together.  See Zoe below.

This is a cute video of Zoe trying to eat the donut then she gives up and just grabs it. I think it is pretty cute.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Circus with Friends

Zoe and I went to the Circus with some friends. We invited Natalie and her three kids.

The Girls

Zoe, Faith and Keira

Zoe, Keira and I rode the elephant, which was one of my life goals.

Feeding the llamas

Sharing popcorn. Zoe was feeding Andrew the popcorn.

The whole gang. Holding a monkey (it was really a lemur, but they calling it a monkey), which was another one of my life goals.
Zoe loved the circus. She watch the whole show and clapped when she got really excited.
Thanks for going with us Natalie, Keira, Andrew and Faith.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girls Weekend

 I had the opportunity to have a girls weekend with 5 friends. We went to my friends family farm house in Firth, Idaho. I was beautiful. We laughed, ate delicious food, worked on our craft projects and listened to General Conference. I took several pictures of the different elements that caught my eye. It kind of felt like a dream. It was so peaceful.

 I really enjoyed playing with my camera and figuring out how to use all of its features.

We ate a lot of fresh peaches.

 I just love the different textures and colors. Every morning I would wake up around 7:00 am and go outside and sit on a bench and listen to the sounds outside and watch the stray cats.

I even got a few projects finished. 

This was my first time being away from Zoe overnight. I was so nervous for days. Levi did an amazing job taking care of her and we all survived.