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Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoe is walking and so much more.

 Zoe has been very busy this summer. Checkout what we have been up to.

Zoe fell asleep on the coach after playing hard. This never happens. She only sleeps in her crib.

Zoe playing at the splash pad.

Zoe playing with our good friend, Cindy.

We just love Cindy. She has taught me how to do Zoe's hair and what products to use on her hair.
Where would I be without her?

Zoe lovin' the water. I just love her smile.

Playing in the front yard.

Zoe standing.

Zoe and mommy playing in the front yard.

This is the face Zoe makes when she doesn't get her way. She wanted the camera.

Zoe is walking. YAY!

Zoe dancing. She has some serious moves.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Levi's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow...

We spent the day at the zoo with my brother Randy and his family on June 18, 2011.
Family photo with the Bald Eagle

Uncle Randy was Zoe's buddy. He carried her everywhere to make sure she could see all the animals. She loved it.

I Win!

Best Friends

Summer Fun

Here is what we have been up to lately.

Zoe took her friend Aniston to the lake. They played in the water and were completely worn out by the time we left.



Playing in the sand and water.

Me, Zoe, Danielle and Aniston

Zoe got another new cousin, Grant.

Zoe would get really jealous when I would hold him.

Cousins - Zoe and Croy

Zoe thinks she is pretty funny.

BBQ and Fireworks
 with the Fam
Me with Grant

Me, Zoe, Cody and Muriel

Heather and Sam

A New Hairdo...
I tried straightening the front part of Zoe's hair just to see what it looks like. I laughed so hard. Luckily, I met a new friend who is coming to my house on Saturday to show me what hair products to use on Zoe's hair and different hairstyles. I cannot wait.