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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before and After of Summer Projects

All summer I have been doing home improvement stuff. I was bored with my house and wanted to make it look new and refreshing. Take a look at a few of the projects I completed.

This is my craft room when in was in a bedroom down in the basement. This is what it rarely looked like because it was usually a huge mess.
Craft Room Before and actually clean.

Craft Room Before and actually clean
 I moved my craft room to our family room. I love how I now have a sewing section and a crafting section.
After - Sewing Center

After - Crafting Center
 I could not forget about Zoe, so I added a playroom with her own crafting table. She loves sitting at her desk and drawing pictures. I can actually get projects done now because she will spend hours playing with all her toys.
Zoe's craft room.
 Since I took over the family room with my craft room, we hired movers and had them move the family room up to the loft where Levi's office use to be. Sorry I did not have a before picture of the family room, but I can tell you it is a big improvement.
New and improved family room.
 Here is a picture of Levi's old office in the loft.
 We had the movers take Levi's office down to my old craft room. I like the look of it.

 When we first moved in our house 4 years ago our bedroom looked like this. I hated it.
 Since then I have added more decor, bedding, paint and curtains.


 We have now bought a  bigger bed, but we are waiting for the headboard to be delivered. I will have to add pictures later.
 Unfortunately, I do not have any before pictures of our kitchen. Our kitchen is small. We decided we needed more cupboard space, so we put up shelves for our spices, hung a pot rack, moved the island to the middle of the kitchen, bought a bar with stools that store inside the bar and put up shelves for my cookbooks.

Zoe is turning into a little handyman like her mom. She wanted to help put the bar and stools together.


Our old kitchen table was rectangle and too big for the space so...
 I bought these ugly chairs for $5 each, $6 for paint and 4 yards of fabric for $12 and went to work.
 I bought this table already painted the way I wanted it for $80 and that included the leaf. I added the "new" chairs and some flowers from my yard for a homey touch.
I bought 2 of these chairs for Levi's office a few years ago and finally got around to them.
 I already had the paint and spent $3 on fabric.
 When I traded living room furniture with my sister, she gave me this end table. It didn't match so I took care of that.
 Levi bought this at a yard sale for $5 before he ever met me. I decided to paint it the same color as the end table.


 My brother passed down this toddler bed to Zoe. It was very used and loved. It was scratched up and the mesh sides were torn and very stained.
 I spend $6 on paint and I already had fabric to replace the mesh sides.
  The picture above is of her taking her first nap in it. She loves her bed. She loves trying to climb in it and playing on it. She had no difficulties transitioning.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fun

While in Northern Idaho, we visited a park to feed ducks and geese with Jaci and Tatum. Zoe thought it was pretty cool that the geese came so close until a goose took a peice of bread right from her hand. After that she decided she was going to eat the bread and not share with the geese.

While in Idaho, we always stop at one of Levi's favorite restuarants, Sharps. They have the cute horse saddles so luckily Zoe was willing to pose.

Zoe with her cousin Gabe.
Zoe loves to play in water. These past few weeks she has decided she is confiedent enough to swim by herself. She would walk around the pool, fall in the water and laugh when she was pulled up. It made me very nervous, but it was also very funny.

Here is a video of Zoe playing in the water.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Camp Out

We went to Northern Idaho to visit Levi's family and enjoy a yearly family camp out.
Beware that this is a post full of pictures. ENJOY!

My beach babe.

Tatum playing in the river.

Tatum fishing.

Keva and Tatum are best friends. It is so fun watching the play together.


Zoe eating apples.

They must be good.

Tatum is so sweet with Zoe. She reads her stories, helps her walk, and plays with her.

Tatum and Jaci on a ride.

Zoe playing in the river.

Zoe relaxing in the sun.

Tatum and Keva floating down the river.

Ty floating down the river.

Zoe and me enjoying the ride.

Zoe playing with the worms. Every time she touched them she would squeal. It was so cute.

Zoe checking to see if she caught a fish.

Zoe's first time fishing.

What cute cousins.

Cousins and buddies. Zoe loved following Gabe around.


My four wheeling hottie.

Zoe with her daddy.

What a cutie.

They were so fun to watch.


Brothers - Josh, Levi and Jesse. The trail behind them was wicked steep.

Christine and Jesse on our four wheeler ride.

Josh riding four wheelers.

My honey and me at the top of the mountain.

My cute hubby.

Big steep drop behind me.

Four wheeling with the family.

We stopped and posed at Gobblers Knob.




Zoe holding flowers her daddy gave her.

Zoe "smelling" the flowers her daddy gave her.

Feeding Aunt Jaci.

What a tease.

Grandpa Todd and Zoe.

Zoe with Grandpa Todd and Grandma Marnie.

Jaci picking huckleberries.

I had to get into the huckleberry picking action too. So YUMMY!

We had so much fun minus the bug bites. We truly enjoyed visiting with everyone.