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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Playin' Around

Zoe will be 9 months on January 2nd. She had her 9 months checkup yesterday. Here are her stats:
Weight: 17lbs. 11 oz. 30%
Height: 28 in. 75%
We decided to play dress-up with makeup and all. I just love my cute little fairy. She has such a fun personality and is always pulling faces. She makes me laugh.
Zoe is stand while holding on to furniture. She is working on pulling herself up. She is growing up way to fast.

More funny faces.

Having a tea party with her baby.

Hanging with mommy. I just love my little girl so much. She is my little Miss Zoe.
Zoe showing us how she crawls, but gets caught on her tutu and falls.

Zoe eating dinner and participating in the dinner conversation. She is so smart.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Zoe's First Christmas

Zoe's first Christmas was filled with all kinds of activities. She had her picture taken with Santa 3 times. Attended our Ward Primary Christmas Party where she had pancakes in her pj's with with Bishopric, had her picture with Santa, frosted cookies and ate them.

On Christmas Eve, we placed four gifts in front of Zoe and she chose the following gift from her cousin Tatum to open.

Christmas morning we woke Zoe up at 8:30am and took her downstairs to the tree. She found her bumble bee car and was reaching for it. So we took it for a test drive.

Then she opened her chocolate dolls for her doll house.

Storage baskets for toys.

Her new car that she fell off of twice, but did not cry. In fact, she wants back on again.


A cute puppy that says her name from her cousins Ty and Keva.

Her chocolate baby that came with adoption papers. It was also a surprise to whether it was a boy or girl. She got a girl!

3 pj's, 3 Sid the Science Kid DVDs and a CD from Grandpa Steve and Grandma Joan.

An interactive kangaroo that speaks both English and Spanish from Uncle Cooper.

Levi got a digital picture frame.

A super cute outfit from Grandma Goose.

Pj's for when she gets a little bigger from Grandpa Todd and Grandma Marnie.

An interactive toy from Lisa and her family.

Here are all her clothes.

Here are all her toys minus her table and chairs.

Levi's new electric fireplace.
After opening all the presents Zoe was pretty worn out and took a nap. Here is a picture of her waking up.
We are so very blessed. Our best present of all is Zoe. Everyday I am reminded of what a special gift she is to us.

I don't have any pictures of my present but I got clothes and jewelry. Levi and I got a new camera, sheets and robes.