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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Witchapalooza at Gardner Village
What a blast!
Kim (my sister), Kristy (my sister-in-law) and Joan (my mother)
Sandra (me) and Jane (my best buddy)

Nanette (our family friend), Amy (another family friend) and Cindy (my sister)

While at Witchapalooza Cindy and I discovered that Merilee Webb played the character Esmeralda and the keyboard. Last December, Cindy and I recorded a CD for our dad in Merilee's recording studio. We have also been in her choir "We Also Sing. It was so fun to see her on stage and her personality is hilarious on and off stage.

Here are some pictures of the other witches who were in the musical.

I loved the show so much. I did not want to leave. I am so hyped up for halloween now. Jane and I have decided to dress up as witches. We are still working on our new witch names. Don't worry, we will take pictures.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Times

Bowling with Friends
Jessica, Matt, Levi and I went to dinner at Salsa Leedos and after that we went bowling. We had a blast. Matt and Jessica are hilarious.
Jessica and I discovered that our husbands have a lot in common. They both always receive lousy service at resturants and as you can see they are extremely photogenic.
General Conference
I love General Conference. It reminds me of my childhood. My parents would turn conference on every TV and radio in the house. You could hear it for miles around. I am surprised the neighbors never complained. I never really listened to it as a kid, but now I love hearing the General Authorities voices. I absolutely loved President Monson's talk on change. I felt like he woke up one morning and said I need to share this talk at General Conference just for Sandra. I liked how he talked about enjoying the journey now. Sometimes I forget to enjoy what life is handing me. I focus too much on the things I cannot control instead of the things I can. I decided to make new goals. They are to focus on the small things that make my day and to live every moment as if it is my last. I feel it is important to live life to its fullest. I also want to recognize other for their talents and be grateful that they are willing to share them with me. I hope all this make sense. I am not the best at expressing myself.