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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wheeler Farm

After lunch we decided to go to Wheeler Farm for Zoe to see some farm animals for the first time. I think she liked it. Many of the animals came right up to her.

First we were greeted by a rooster.

Zoe became very close friends with a goat.

Zoe checked out the pigs

Zoe also feed the ducks. Mostly she tried eating the duck food.

I had to add this last picture for fun. My cute friend Jessica makes Zoe little hat to keep her very stylish. Jessica is so talented. I tell her what animal or look I want and she just creates it. Thanks for keeping Zoe looking good. She sells them on etsy. You should check them out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I just had to do it.

I just had to do it.
Everywhere I go I get comments on Zoe and her similarities to Levi and me. For example, I have been told she has my hair color. So I decided I would show everyone who she really gets her looks from.
Levi (Zoe's dad)

Sandra (Zoe's mom)


I actually made the pictures from
It makes for a good laugh.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our camera bit the dust finally. I ran over it 4 years ago with a four-wheeler, but is still worked good. About a month ago the camera decided it was retiring. We have not purchased a new one yet because we cannot agree on one. Hopefully soon.
Here are some pictures I took of Zoe from my cell phone.

Zoe is a character and she loves to dress up. We may need to start thinking about acting classes.

Do you see the similarities?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Exception

My parents are the exception.
I was visiting with a long lost friend that I had not spoken to since middle school and she told me my parents are the exception. I continued to think about that for a few weeks and realized she was right.
As kids, my parents never went anywhere without us. We were always together. We went on several family trips to grandparents, relatives, monuments, other states, etc. Even as the family grew, we still continued this with in-law and grand kids. I was the luckiest one who got to go on extra trips with my parents as they got older. The best part was when people would tell my parents how cute it was that they brought their grand kids with them on vacation.

November 2005
My parents have always been there for me. Every time I sang in choirs, at church and with friends. They supported me through school/college and continually encouraged me at times when I wanted to quit. During college I would come home every weekend so my dad could help me with my math. We would mow the lawn together and then go get lunch (usually at Artic Circle). My mom would help me write papers when I put them off for too long.
When I was in high school, my mom taught me many things that I still remember and use today. One of my favorites is when she told me that it is one of the biggest complements when someone copies you. She also taught me to forgive, forget and move on. At times I am still working on this.

Christmas 2005
They supported me through my first marriage and then divorce. They taught me the skills to become a successful contributing member of society.
My mom has taught me to be crafty and to try new things. My dad has taught me how to be a handyman, which has paid off several times. Just ask Levi.
December 2006
Levi likes to tease me when I say I bought my Beetle, because my parents still paid for my gas, car insurance and any maintenance it needed. I just made the monthly car payments. I still like to claim that as my first major purchase that I made and paid off. If I only hadn't totaled it, I would still have it today.

May 2009
My parents have been a great example to me of great members of the church. I continually strive to be like them. I remember seeing my dad read his scriptures and marking them. I always wanted his scriptures because I am sure they have the best comments and quotes written in the margins.
My parents have supported all 7 of us kids in everything we wanted to try. I tried piano lesson, dance lessons, singing lessons, sewing classes and more. I never really practiced any of them, but my parents continued to let me try new things.
My parents have been so supportive with us adopting Zoe. They have helped us when we were not sure what to do because we are new parents. Plus, my mom's nursing knowledge has been called upon many times. I love to watch my parents interact with Zoe. I can see the love they have for her. They have also taught me to be a great parent and to the best I can with what I have and know about parenting. Thanks for always being amazing role models.
I hope my parents know how much I love and appreciate all they do for me and my family. I only hope that I can do the same in return.