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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Alley Cat

These past couple weeks have been busy, but I found time to catch these cute videos of my kitten Alley playing with my birthday balloon that Andrea, Jodi and Alisha gave me. It has a clip on it to keep it from floating away. Alley just plays with the clip and carries it around the house. I do not think she realizes it has a balloon attached to it.

Sorry the videos are so dark and sideways. You can at least see her white feet and the balloon floating. The second video is of Alley playing with the balloon clip.

She is into everything. She take stuffed animals I have in my literacy kits and carries them around the house. She carries them upstairs and pushes them through the kitty doors. It is so hilarious to watch. She is very entertaining.

At times she can be very frustrating, but all you can do is laugh and admire her work. The other day I came home from work and was planning on wrapping our Sub for Santa gifts that I had left on the kitchen table only to discover that she had shredded 3 bags of socks and opened a bag of underwear and dragged two pairs of underwear around the house all day. Luckily everything was not harmed minus the bags that they came in. Got to love her!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a View!

Levi and I went to Temple Square with my mom and dad to watch my sister sing in We Also Sing Choir. The last two years I also sang with the choir, but I was just too busy to fit it in this year. We really enjoyed listening to songs and it was fun watching my sister enjoying herself.
As we left the concert, we walked past the temple. It was such a beautiful view. I took a couple pictures with my cell phone. I love how the temple is so bright against the dark sky. It was amazing. There is different feeling at Temple Square. I feel comforted and at peace when I am there.

After the concert, we went to dinner at Mcgrath's Fish House. Then Levi fixed a few problems with my dad's computer and my mom and I played boardgames.